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Bronze Service



This is a basic service and recommended for newer bikes or bikes with low use.

  • Seat post removed

  • Brakes checked (new pads fitted if required)

  • Gears checked/re-aligned

  • Cranks checked and correctly tightened to recommended torque

  • Tyres checked and inflated correctly (replaced if required)

  • Headset and handlebar assembly checked and correctly tightened to recommended torque


We CAN fix your frame within 2 weeks in most cases. Price depending on the job. Please email your detailed digital pictures to with the subject CarbonFix.



We can repair almost any damaged or cracked frame to a high standard. We can also release seized seatposts, we are unbeaten to date and in all bad cases we will have to heat your frame thus burning the paint. Regrettably we cannot offer you any form of frame paint and you would need to treat all metal works yourself or have your frame re-sprayed. There would be additional hourly labour charges if you require additional work around the frame works and this would be discussed prior to us taking on the job.



On the day of the service we ask to have your bike in the shop no later than 11am. We will strive to get your bike serviced and finished before the end of that day (depending on availability of spares).

We would ask you to bring your bike in a relatively clean state. Extra cleaning of bikes will be charged.

You will get a phone call from the mechanic to confirm prices with you before any new parts are fitted. We ask you to leave a telephone number that you can be reached on. We will not continue with any work until we have spoken to you first.

Any worn/broken parts will be disposed of unless otherwise requested.

We would ask you to collect your bike within a week of it being serviced or repaired. We reserve the right to charge for storage if bikes are not collected within a reasonable time.

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